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Perio Protect


We are very excited to offer our patients Perio Protect, a comfortable, easy-to-use home care treatment that effectively kills bacteria causing periodontal (gum) disease. Using a Perio Tray - a FDA cleared medical device that we custom-fit for your smile and prepare custom- prescribed medication just for you- delivery goes directly to the site of the infection.

Your patented Perio Protect Trays are similar in appearance to teeth whitening trays or a mouthguard, and will treat your gums while you go about your normal home routines. As your gum health improves, you can wear the trays less frequently and for shorter periods of time. By treating the source of periodontal disease, Perio Protect Trays could protect you from tooth loss and enhance your appearance.

As only a licensed Perio Protect dentist may prescribe this effective, non- surgical treatment, we urge you to call to arrange a free consultation if you have any gum disease symptoms including bleeding or puffy gums, or chronic bad breath.